Personal Branding Crash Course (in Dutch)

This past summer I created a crash course Personal Branding for Jobseekers.

Doing this was actually quite normal amongst the other things I do in Online Recruitment. Knowing how to use the web and teaching recruiters what to do online, also gives me a clear insight in what a jobseeker should do online if he wants to be noticed, called and invited for an interview about his dreamjob.

So when de guys from Whizzie asked me to create a new course for their online teaching platform, we decided to start with Personal Branding for Jobseekers. Because nowadays…

In this course I explain the jobseeker via short, 5-10 minute video’s:

  • how we, Recruiters, use the internet in finding the right candidate
  • how you could present yourself on the web
  • where to present yourself
  • how to show your availability
  • how you could be noticed on the web
  • how to approach your company of choice
  • If you like more info in Online Presence for recruiters, contact me, courses are available, non-video, in French, German, English and Dutch.


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