Why E-learning is … “Free”

Nowadays recruiting is more and more via web, that’s also why I am blogging about it. Getting into teaching and learning recruiters how to use the web, yeah and mobile of course, the more I get into E-learning.


E-learning, trying to add the newest up-to-date knowledge to your brain using internet in all it’s ways?

Provinding knowledge via web is easy. But getting people to understand and learn from your knowledge is thing to think about. How do we create the student?
In my opinion these are steps to create a student: you need a subject, then you create a need-to-know on this subject, show cases of what happens if you have this knowledge. What is in it for me, and especially, what will I be missing if I miss this!
I know, it’s all marketing again.

But how to get money out of this. Well. Start asking for it and in return provide the knowlegde is a structured way. Of course all about internet and recruitment is already out here on the web. But providing that in a structured way doesn’t make me spend time on searching for it. That’s cool, I am busy enough as I am now!
So offering knowlegde in a structured way using internet brings us to E-learning.
Now that we have structured it we can ask money for it… Not that much, it still is the “Free” internet (check the e-book by Chris Anderson).

Got the picture?
Using E-learning, you can teach yourself on the go, wherever, whenever and learning the most up-to-date knowledge there is about the subject.

Some new cool new links for ways of e-learn something yourself in the Netherlands are:

Whizzie, combining need to know knowledge and video, soon also via Iphone Appstore available.
Eeccoon is launching a new platform in the next few weeks, provinding knowlegde via webinars.
Some of my global favorites is Arbita, thanks to Shally Steckerl and Glenn Gutmacher and of course there is Myngle growing rapidly.


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