Recruitment 2.0 do it now!

Last week I wrote about the best job in the world

This week they,, made up a shorlist of only 50 applicants out of 34K applicants.

On this shortlist there are a lot of US and Canadian, but also Iris, our Dutch Student. I think only because of the fact that she made it to this list … She should go all the way down there.

But Iris needs help from us, Recruiters. We need to vote for her!

Voting for Iris means you are working on a recruitment project which generated over 30K applicants in the first round of selection. Now the shortlist has been set at only 50 applicants, Iris is the one from the Netherlands. She knows what to do.. So get her the job… Vote now! You will experience worlds most succesful Recruitment 2.0 project of 2009!

Why I am writing about this… Because I like what is happening down there and I like the fact that a Dutch girl can get this job.


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