Mobile Recruitment part 3

hmm. Blogging about mobile recruitment. again.

Shall I write my blog about Mobile applications? Apps that create even more fun in the life of a recruiter. Like the use of tools like Sugar Sync, or the ones Google provides in Google Apps which enables you to create desktop or laptop on your webtop.
So wherever you are, you will be able to read mail, contracts, CVs, whether you lie somewhere on a lovely white beach or on the top a mountain. (quoted Michael Marlatt on this one :))

Mobile Recruitment … I think of the buses that are used by Atos Origin and KPMG. Just take the bus on the road and park it in front of an university, blow the horn, and there you go. In your comfortable truck you invite the student to hear the wonderful story of their future.

tu_delft_ Atos_Orign

Mobile Recruitment .. Recruitment for the German Mobile, well you tell me.

Yesterday however, I was at MOMO, everything about Mobile on Mobile Monday

This time, MOMO#9, was about gaming.
Well what has that to do with recruitment … Okay, here we go …
Employer Branding, recruitment games on mobile, advertising in games etc.
There you go again we discuss mobile recruitment.

And uhm, what creative Recruitment Concepts can we build around this great way of mobile gaming presented by MegaPhone , where you use your phone as your controller?!.

So Mobile recruitment can actually be described in a lot of ways. If you have thoughts about mobile recruitment, let me know.

Of course you can call me on my mobile +31 642 121 451 …

My Mobile recruitment definition is Recruiting without boundaries, always, everywhere, all the time.

Ah Okay almost forgot this one… What about Mobile Recruiting… Is that the same thing???


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