RCE day 3, The changing media environment

Luke McKend, Industry Head Careers, Google

Starts with PWC youtube example. Is this okay, yes, use it!
Changing the media environment is not something we need to discuss, it is something that is happening.
Does this immediately result into hiring.. No probably not but it is increasing engagement, in terms of engaging to the employer brand.

Google is not only about search, it gives you the possibility to create insight in what is happening to your brand, how people think about it, if it is attractive, how people find you etc.
check out labs.google.com

In the past 6 months Jobsearch via Searchengines in the UK has increased by 60%

Discussing adwords for jobs, people like to have a choice when they click trough. So Luke is telling us not use the specific job description, less people will click… Yep, I agree, but the people that will click are seriously interested. The choice they made already on the Google resultpage and you informed them well in your adword. (you should check out how toading works)

Luke has given us the insight in Google and it’s possibilities lot us out there haven’t seen before.
Therefor I stopped blogging for a while. I seem to do that, when the topic is cool stuff, Luke thanks for sharing this today!


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