RCE day 3, New ideas and implications

for the 21st Century Staffing!

Kevin Wheeler
Do you need to change to stay successful over the next 5-10 years?
What needs to change?
Giving up control…
Respect, we need to show…Learn to become transparent… Reality tv is commodity, learn how to cope with that.

We are shifting from Control to Choice, from fixed to flexible.

Recruiters need to wake up! (I’ve heard that one before) We need no to become pro-active, driven by sales and marketing techniques. Ton Rodenburg, ARA, brings the term Talent Marketeer. I like that one as well. It definitely shows that our role as recruiter IS chancing.

What is the primary goal of recruiting?

To have relationship with a qualified candidate who is available and willing to step forward when needed

This session is fully interactive and to be followed live at ere.net and Recruitmentcommunityeurope.com

Of course a lot of new ideas have been discussed, but what do you do with it. Think about it.

Think of “all being said here as if it has been the latest fashion show in Paris”. What they show there they won’t wear in daily live, but it does give lots of inspiration!

Kevin thanks for this inspiring session!


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