RCE day 3, Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee

Ted Meulenkamp about exploring lean staffing processes

Agilent is a HewlettPackard spin off. The Agilent footprint is global with approx. 18000 employees.

Lean: a thought process about new values, ongoing, and not rocket science.
Challenges in recruitment are technology, administration, knowlegde, resources, process flow, time.
Who really thinks about this and than do something with it?

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee:
move form transactional focus to consulting focus,
define staffing model,
define recruiter profile,
reduce waste.

Improve hiring manager satisfaction score.

Ted is giving an interesting insight in using technology to make your Recruiter life more easy.
The whole presentation will be on recruitmentcommunityeurope.com. The structure is simple, well thought through, and easy to implement. They cut out all the things that slows down the recruiter from doing their job: find and place the best candidate as quick as possible. A lot of RPO comes with this structure, but it will still save Agilent a lot of money, by being able to move on.

Ted thanks!


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