RCE day 3, Corporate Careersites are they serving the candidate?

Panel discussion live on recruitmentcommunityeurope.com and ere.net

Moderated by Keith Robinson, co-founder of RCE, the panel will discuss the subject: are corporate careersites serving the candidate.

Peter Gold, Ingolf Teetz, Bas van de Haterd, Matthew Jeffery

What is the purpose of a corporate careersite?
Is it supposed to be the destiny of every jobseeker in your industry.
So what will we tell them if they are there?
Ask your target group, and put it on your site…

Functionality, design, text, what comes first when you have no budget.
Go to corporate communications and pick some of their budget…
Get text first, google doesn’t care about design and functionality, result, they find you.
And of course go out there into social media and create your traffic there to this one button Apply Now!

Keith brings up the Chief Networking Officer, to let them work together again inside the company. This will cut the discussion about budget. You will be able to decide on: to work in a great company we need great people, we dare to invest in recruitment.

An example comes from the audience www.werkenbijumcutrecht.nl a very good example on which gives you all the right information.. But is there conversation? No it is corporate speak, not conversation, mmmh, little change needed, but the rest is there.
Is it possible to put it all in one site?

Enjoy thinking about your site!


2 thoughts on “RCE day 3, Corporate Careersites are they serving the candidate?

  1. I just shared this with our team – very interesting and helpful tips you have here.
    One factor that we continue to stress is the importance of connecting with our audience and you’ve done a great job of that here.
    We do it in a similar fashion by providing valuable,
    engaging content, a manageable blog site, and a diversity of topics in order to capture a variety of interests.

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