RCE day 2, we are at war

Matthew Jeffery, Electronic Arts about the importance of an Employment Brand, check out ere.net or recruitmentcommunityeurope.com for live streaming, he is on!

We forget the Employer Brand, while discussing our talent acquisition strategies during the war for talent..
We have to create our audience ourselves, people are distracted by around 6000 brands a day.

This presentation is going fast through the branding figures.

Employer Branding is it an HR thing
? NO it is a marketing, hr, recruitment, sales, internal communication, management, pr, employees, thing. It is a one size doesn’t fit all thing.

What is our goal in Web 2.0: Build relationships with our audience, have fun, make them enthusiastic for our Employer Brand, creating a pipeline of candidates in the end. Electronic Arts is using web 2.0 the way it is to be used. Check out their Facebook.

Use internal communications to fuel staff PRIDE! Wow, EA is doing the right thing!

Matthew thanks!

“Recruitment is an ART” quote via Twitter during the session

“Matthew showed us the art of the possible” quote from Alan Whitford, the chair of the conference.


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