RCE day 2, the future of recruitment


Alan Whitford, our chairman for the next two days has opened day 2 so we can start now!

John Nurthen, Randstad Holding, our first speaker, will bring us into the future of recruitment.
The war of talent is going on from late 50’s, so what is our problem nowadays? Population is shifting, we hire globally so we think. But the survey (2006) of Stepstone and Intelligence Group tells we like to hire first from our neighbor countries….(you actually you still can buy this survey)

Temptation of the new Mobile Technology, Video Resumes, Virtual Worlds…

The geek shall inherit earth

Better integration of different HR techniques/ technology will lead to better processes. (why people don’t do this…)

Discussing figures in Online recruitment (2006) 17.2 bln dollar is spend online, average growth of 44% per year… 13,2% of the global population look online for their new job… 20% of the Dutch population has put their cv on Monster.

Quote by Ian Pearson, Head of Futurology, BT
By 2050 we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine, so when you die it’s not a major career problem

John thanks for the overview of the future, I did like the maps showing population shift 🙂


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