RCE Global Recruitment Conference, Amsterdam 2008

Register today, and meet the challenges of recruiting in 2008 and beyond head-on! It takes just a few simple steps to pre-register for Global Recruitment Conference 2008. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind global recruiting event!

Sometimes of course advertisement is inevitable, especially when you want an event to become even better than the one last year.

    The recruiting conference that networks the world of recruitment to share best practices.
    Amsterdam, November 12th and 13th

Recruitment Community Europe announces the 4th annual Global Recruitment Conference being held in Amsterdam for the 3rd consecutive year. GRC 2008 is building on the success of the ERE Global Recruitment Expo events held in Brussels and Amsterdam the past 3 years which have attracted over 500 delegates from 40 countries and hundreds of leading organizations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Having been deeply involved in helping shape and manage the ERE Expos, Alan Whitford and Keith Robinson have launched a dedicated European focused Recruitment Community. In doing this they have also taken on responsibility for the Keynote Recruitment event, rebadged as Global Recruitment Conference 2008.
Global Recruitment Conference 2008

Having had a look at the agenda, I know from recent experience that this Global Recruitment Conference 2008, will be great and very useful for those who did not make it to ERE Expo last week in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

See you all next week in Amsterdam!? Keep reading I will be blogging about this event next week.


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