ERE 2008, The future of recruiting is in the cloud

What happened today?

Jason Warner, Conference Chair, opened with an overview of Time Magazine frontpages over the years, all spot on what is happening today in World economy. 

Jan Hopkins, first keynote speaker discussed what does economy do with us and what is hapening in recruitment. The example like not being able to relocate, because you can’t sell your house, there are no buyers and so on. Very interesting overview, with all the things happening out there.

Kevin Wheeler, gave an insight in the global recruitment issues. One thing for sure, in recruitment we need to go more global! And of course train our labourmarket. Shortage on skills will keep on growing. In two weeks I will meet Kevin Wheeler again in Amsterdam at the Global Recruitment conference. I will go on blogging about this topic than. It is very on topic and part of your Recruitment Focus.

About the FUTURE… 

Michael Marlatt is an Evangelist, actually what I do, he does in English, and is even more throwing sites to you to use than I ever did. He is good!
His presentation was about how to use the web as being a recruiter. Today a lot of tools and techniques are being showed to us. And the question is what do we, THE recruiters, do with it.

His opinion about this is focus and get SMART,

Synchronize, Mobilize, Appropriately equiped, RSS enabled, Tuned in.

Being Smart means move on, technology does, why don’t you? So you used to have all your docs etc., on your desktop, than you moved it all to your laptop, now use your webtop!

Get your gear into the CLOUD, by using all the webapps that are easy to use for you
I am not going to name all the sites he mentioned, to many 🙂

But here are some good ones to start with: 

It has been a wonderfull day again #ERE Expo


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