ERE 2008, Workshop Passive Candidates for Busy Recruiters

Today we, 5 members of the RecruitersGuild from Holland, entered the ERE Fall Expo 2008.
Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Alfons Boltjes, Peer Goudsmit, Marko Hol and me. 

Now we are at the Workshop by Shally Steckerl and Glenn Gutmacher about how to empty the searchengines on resumes.

The presentation is very powerfull, 39 attendees are in here. 

The first part is about Recruiting Technology and what is out there. Now we are in the part of differences amongst results in searchengines, using

Now working on the example: SAP FICO profile.

Step 1: where do we find these vacancies, which part of the country.
This means, where there is a demand there are people as well.

Step 2: what kind of keywords are being used in the vacancies
They will appear in resumes… Check out for more keywords, close to the ones you already have.

Step 3: think of what people write down in the resume…
Of course not all the tricks will be in this blog, but try

Step 4: Use the searchtips,, get specific and break it down to approx. 250 results.
Easy for you scrolling result by change number of results per page to a 100. 

Awesome just received a Cheatsheet for Recruiters!
By the way the asteriks in Google is a word place holder. try: “senior * manager” yahoo

Step 5: Checkout website patterns to refine your search. 

Nice to know only 1 filetype per search in and more per search on

Okay, here we come to search on Social networking sites. To start with Linkedin, and of course the all work more or less the same. This network is still growing, over 34mln users total, growing 300K new users each WEEK. More about Linkedin on

Searching on Social Network sites is of course possible via Searchengines, but nowadays a lot of social networks, and especially “social/ business networks” do have good search facilities. Use them.

Wrap up: go out there and enjoy


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