Recruiting Excellence, Brussels Day 1

The international conference Recruiting Excellence has started now.

  • HR and Recruitment managers attending are from all over Europe and Middle East
  • The topics are about HR and Recruitment
  • Speakers are good and from interesting companies: like ABB, Philips, Proctor&Gamble, Henkel, Electrolux and the sponsor of course Peopleclick
  • Interesting? Yes.
    The morning session covered HR as a Business Partner. About how to explain the hiring managers that H in HR does not stand for Hard working or Hard to find, but for Human. About how can actually be of service in reaching the company’s targets.
    The after lunch sessions covered the theme of Diversity and Inclusion. About how to create a workforce which fits the country that’s active in. Also the possibility to look at your employees as talent, the most precious thing in your company…. that was a very interesting way of approaching the retention part. Because, let’s face it, if you are not in Recruitment or HR, did you look at it that way?

    Since the people who came here today are looking for interesting new ways of finding the right ones, we decided to make the panel discussion a group discussion. Yes, in a big circle. The discussion covered the whole recruitment thing. What to search, where to find, how to attract, how to keep, and how to get them back if they unfortunately do leave. By dropping the microphone randomly in someone’s hand the discussion got fired up.
    The outcome? Besides keep checking the needs and find out the numbers, give proper attention to anyone that is showing interest in your company, whether he works for you or not.

    End of day one, networking started.

    Tomorrow Peer Goudsmit and myself will be chairing again, Day 2


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