Workshop Recruiting Excellence, Brussels

Today Peer Goudsmit and I gave a workshop at the 2nd Annual Recruiting Excellence in Brussels.
Title of the workshop:

E-Recruiting: Bring your OFFline strategy ONline

In this workshop there were Recruitment Managers from a.o. Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Turkey, Serbia, Greece to name a few countries.

We discussed the simple use of a firm offline strategy for your recruitment needs. The challenges which are there with Generation X and Y. That you either make, buy or steal your new hires. We also gave an overview on how manage the expectation of the hiring managers in terms of time, quality and money. Done all this we applied this in an online strategy.

During the workshop of course the use of internet worldwide became point of discussion:

click for internet usage per region
click for internet usage per region

But still… Knowing the internet has over 8 billion pages, something useful is out there for every recruitment manager, whether they are looking for drilling engineers for oil platforms in Saudi Arabia or Telco specialists in Serbia.

And of course the need of web analytics was hot topic. Using Twitter to show you can create direct traffic and show the source.
And explaining what else could be possible, like: what channel is cost effective, where is my audience coming from, what are the doing before or after visiting my vacancy. In order to be able to fine tune your online activities.

Done all this it was time for lunch. A walk through Brussels to see
Buy some chocolates for the loved ones back home and relax.


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