Some thoughts about Social Networks, “community tired?”

A few times last month people were asking me about the future of social networks.
What will it be?

I read a lot about interaction online, as we talk here about “online social networks”.
People invite me for a lot of different networks on a weekly basis.

If we are counting the amount of Social Networks.. You can’t really, count them anymore.

An de Jonghe, Belgium, gave a broad overview in her book “Social Networks around The World” on what is happening out there. (read it!)

Currently my view is: we all like to have our own “online social network”, but are we not getting “community tired”?

What I mean by that:
All corporates like to have their own Social Network. Every event, likes to have its own Social Network. Every…. likes to have its own Social Network.

Of course it is good for creating Brand awareness, good for connecting to Alumni, good to connect to Customers, and of course to connect with own (future) employees. And once connected, you have an easy way of interact.
And yes it is a good forum to interact and share ideas.

But where a Social Network related to a Brand, was an extra 25 years ago, it now seems to be commodity.

You have a Social Network so you are, like I twitter therefor I am or I blog therefor I am.

Growing a Social Network is not easy either anymore.
But with tricks like: invite all your connections from “Plaxo”, “Linkedin” or “MSN”, to this new network, there will always be a kind of migration from one to another Social Network. Ah, and don’t forget OpenID

Next thing will be: let your network live… Most of the times you will see a network get more used, more attractive when there is lots of interaction between the members, Online but even more important OFFline.


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts about Social Networks, “community tired?”

  1. Good point, im wondering what the next step for most networks will be.

    I subscribe to a lot of online networks for online visibility. People find me on different networks, they add me on the network they prefer to use. And so i get to know people around Holland and Europe. Which is a start.
    The next step should always be to meet, talk, call each other and solidify the contact. This rarely occurs. There will be lots to win if LinkedIn, Xing or Hyves groups manage some offline activities which will be visited reguarly by the community.

    On the other hand, the time problem will manifest itself very strongly once multiple groups start offline activities.

    Maybe the best approach is the most direct approach. Contact only those whom you actually can build a practical oriented relation with and try to keep this relation warm. Just managing a x amount of warm relations and keeping open a lot of low temperature relations should suffice for finding prospects, candidates, etc.
    The problem might be the amount of warm relations you can keep open, offline or online.

    Keep writing! It’s interesting to read some ideas in English. And a good practice top write some English too.

  2. @sinatra thanx,

    @Chris Stapper, yep, it’s like:
    Look at what you have and whom you’re working with now. Don’t forget this will change almost on a daily basis, it will change even by the way you feel that day. Enjoy and work with that. People who share mutual interest on a topic will come back together, again, again, and again.
    Don’t forget networking is work which will last a lifetime, it never stops.

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