Bond, Master Cybersleuth?!

Last Friday I was witness of a fight,

It was still early Friday evening, the guys just sat down. Topic during this meeting: Recruitment, The battle for Talent.

These gentlemen started:) Keith Robinson (left) and Dave Mendoza (right)

In fact, Dave was invited by Otys and RCE to come to Amsterdam, to meet some people here, topic: Social Networking Diner with Dave Mendoza. You don’t know Dave yet? Check out his site:

The evening did not really bring new things on the table, beside lovely dishes prepared by the cooks at Bond, Amsterdam.

What I do realize after a meeting with these guys is, that we still do old things in Recruitment. We don’t innovate. All the congresses, all the seminars, all these kind of meetings, we keep on telling the same thing.

But Recruiters, actually seem to like it. Let me do my job from 9-5. Don’t tell me I could do other things, to increase speed and quality in my recruitment process.

Come on RECRUITMENT WAKE UP. (sorry for shouting, sometimes I do get a bit emotional.)

Dave, Keith, Laura, and all the others, Thank you for a wonderfull evening in Amsterdam,

Next meeting ERE, October 🙂


One thought on “Bond, Master Cybersleuth?!

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