Chief Network Officer

This post I made Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at

During my quest in finding the right people for the right job, I meet a lot of interesting people. People who like networking as much as I do, real connectors and even people who want to share their tips and tricks. This is how I had cup of coffee with John Veitch in Christchurch, New Zealand, who is training people over there in how to benefit from eachothers network. This is also the reason why I went to Belgium to meet Octavio Pitaluga Neto. Octavio, inventor of the jobtitle Chief Network Officer, asked a few questions about this topic:


3 thoughts on “Chief Network Officer

  1. It was my great pleasure to meet Gordon last year in two occasions: first time, when he attended Think Tomorrow and I presented about Business Networks Management and the CNO concept. Second time, it was even more impressive. Gordon drove all the way from Amstelveen (nearby Amsterdam/NL) to Brussels, to attend my 3h training about online social networks. He knew quite lot already. It was really a challenge to add more value to him. Gordon has that kind of distinguished brightness in his eyes. A virtue that is so much in need and scarce at the same time nowadays. Dank u wel, Gordon.

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